New Oral Technologies for 2019

There was a time when dentistry was only associated with pain and expensive treatments. A lot of people (kids and adult alike) detested going to the dentist because it meant an expensive procedure. Even the regular cleaning cost so much.

But those all changed when technology entered the picture. The world of dentistry became more appealing and reliable because of all the advances. This 2019, all these advances are going to continue spreading and improving so that more people get access to reliable and affordable dental services. Pop over here to know more about oral technologies for 2019.

5 New Technologies to Expect in 2019

  1. Air Abrasion

First on the list is air abrasion. This technology eliminates the use of a drill to remove cavities. Cavities are a common problem among dental patients and the use of a drill does not make the problem easier. The drill can be painful for some people because one wrong move can hit and hurt the gums.

Air abrasion works by blasting air into the damaged section so that food residue and decay can be removed. Even if it’s called “air abrasion”, the particles that get blasted is not 100% air. It is a mixture of silica and aluminum oxide. It’s only called air abrasion because pressured air is used to push the mixture towards the teeth.

  1. Oral Anesthesia

Thanks to technology, applying anesthesia on your mouth becomes easier. Before, dentists use an IV to sedate the patient. This makes the patient even more anxious. And when they’re anxious, the longer time it takes for the procedure to start.

Just a few years ago, scientists at the University of Sao Paulo were able to prove that there is another way of applying anesthesia. Instead of IVs, a numbing gel will be applied to the mouth of the patient. Then, the dentist will run a light electric current to the mouth so that the numbing gel will be absorbed by the skin. This technological advancement will greatly lessen the anxiety of a lot of people in terms of dental treatments. To add to that, this technique has no contamination risk and is 100% pain-free.

  1. New Gum Treatments

Over the years, a lot of focus was given to the teeth. Since a lot of teeth problems are common among patients, a big amount of research was given to these issues. However, it is only recently that more dentists are focusing on the common issues in gums.

For 2019, there will be more gum procedures and services available in dental clinics. These services include treating gum damage. This will either reverse or stop the bacteria threatening to inflame the gums. To add to that, there are more procedures that are meant to restore gums to their original health and to install more membranes.

  1. Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are like ultrasounds for the teeth. Instead of using a film that you bite into or leave in your mouth, there will only be a sensor. The sensor will capture images that will be projected on the screen.

The benefit of having this kind of technology is that you get more accurate images of your mouth. This will greatly improve the analysis of your dentist. You can also see for yourself the almost-real image of your mouth. Another benefit to having a digital x-ray is it has less radiation. This makes it a lot safer than the radiogram that dentists used to use.

  1. Laser Dentistry

And finally, you have laser dentistry. Lasers are light beams that are used to remove and improve sections of a tooth. The use of lasers is extremely helpful in the dentistry field because it can focus on certain parts of the mouth. Because it’s focused, it’s easy to just affect the part that has damage on it. For example, in a row of teeth, you only have two teeth that are decaying. With lasers, your dentist will be able to target just the area of your teeth that have damage.

Right now, lasers are slowly being used in clinics to remove damaged tissue in the gums. It’s also used to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums.

Oral care is important for everyone. Because of technology, dental services are slowly becoming more accessible and affordable to a lot of people. In this way, a lot of people can enjoy getting healthy teeth and gums.